Inspired by nature, Linnupargi’s (Bird Park’s)
interior finishing packages are modelled on bird feathers.


Corncrakes have dark brown plumage on their backs, almost as if they are covered in scales. The underside of their body is light brown, turning into reddish-brown stripes. Their throat, chest and the sides of their head are grey-blue in colour.

Black-headed gull

Dark brown head plumage reaches the back of the head, but not the neck. The tips of their oar feathers are black, while the rest of the wing is light grey. Their neck and the bottom half of their body are white and their back the same light grey as their wings.

Bean goose

Dark grey upper body, brown head and neck and grey-brown (or completely brown) wings. Their wings also have some white in them. Their lower body is a lighter greyish-brown.