In constructing the gallery-type terraced houses, the focus was on maintaining privacy on the terraces and in the front gardens. Due to this, the apartment building modules have been offset against one another. Privacy in spatial terms is primarily granted by the stairwells planned for the side of the car park. Swedish ladders and the use of different terrace levels serve to create a feeling of a personal garden. Thanks to the many balconies, terraces and front gardens, no large communal areas will form in the buildings. Apartment access is mostly direct from outdoor spaces and has been made as private as possible. Some apartments have front gardens facing the parking area, the two clearly defined by their height difference. Different levels add safety between front gardens and parking areas, also creating a cosier space on the parking side.

Terraced houses have two storeys. In the plans, the first and second storeys are repeated. The entrances to the first floor are all directly from the courtyard. Most of the 2nd-floor apartment entrances are from their balconies. One two-room apartment has its entrance on the communal stairwell. All 3rd-storey apartment entrances are from the communal stairwell.

The square-shaped main plan of the six-storey, flat-roofed tower block is clear and symmetrical to ensure simple technological implementation. The lift and stairwell are in the middle of the building. All of the apartments have windows on at least two sides, their placement making the apartments interesting and individual.

The square plan also allows for equal lighting conditions in all apartments. Establishing the same building volume in different building areas will mean that being north-/south-facing will not affect the building’s insulation. All apartments are guaranteed daylight from at least two cardinal points. All apartments have either a balcony or a terrace.