A fully integrated living environment in the city of Tartu

One of the most trusted real estate developers in Tartu, Avaare Kinnisvara, in cooperation with architects from Apex Architectural Bureau, has created an impressive living environment in urban park style, with quality homes in which your family will have room to grow.

11 apartment buildings feature in the plans, construction of the first of which commenced in July 2019 and will have 35 apartments. The final goal is to create a new residential district with around 300 new apartments.

Your new home in the midst of nature

The name “Linnupark” or Bird Park was inspired by a nature reserve by the Emajõgi River which is a nesting site for many protected birds. In addition, an oak grove planted by key figures from Tartu can also be found near the new residential district. Hence the name Linnupargi Park Town! Around 700 trees and bushes will be planted in Linnupark to maintain the area’s lush nature.

Why Linnupargi?

Greenery outside your window

Good sports facilities


Close to shopping centres

Movie nights near your home

A chorus of birdsong

Convenient public transport

Protected nature

Energy-efficient homes close to the Emajõgi River

The Linnupargi apartments have been carefully planned with comfort and the optimal use of space in mind. High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows will create ideal lighting in all apartments, no matter what direction they face. A pleasant indoor climate is guaranteed by a central, heat-recovering ventilation system, while central heating will keep the rooms nice and warm – in terraced houses through hot-water heating and in tower blocks through radiators. Linnupargi’s homes meet the requirements of their energy label through the use of quality materials and solutions.

All of them come with balconies, while the terraced houses have terraces with planting pots on the 1st floor. The tower block apartments have storerooms on the 1st floor, and the terraced houses have them either inside or outside the apartments. There is convenient parking in front of the buildings, and the six-storey tower block has an elevator. A shelter for convenient bike storage has been provided for cyclists as well as the option to park bicycles by every building.